Peripheral Biofeedback

Peripheral Biofeedback

Dr. Richard A. Wyckoff & Associates

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is one of several medical psychology services offered by Dr. Wyckoff & Associates.  It is a method of learning to control your biological reactions to stressful events.

How Does it Work?

Sensors placed on your body translate muscle tension, skin temperature, blood pressure or other biological activity into signals you can see and hear on television.  Because you can see the tiniest reaction instantly, you can learn  to control your stress response through subtle changes in thinking, breathing, attitude and imagination.

Does it hurt?

No! It is quite pleasant.  Most people report enjoying biofeedback very much, and some refer to it as “a mental massage.

Why does this help?

When you learn to relax your mind and body, you can recover from life stressors more quickly.  This can often mean the difference between stress related disease and successful stress management.

What else will I learn?

In addition to relaxation to promote quick recovery from stress, you will also learn effective life work planning skills.  This can include an exploration of your attitudes, values and beliefs that cause you to overreact or perpetuate excessive stress.

Is it hard to learn?

No.  Most people learn enough in ten to twelve sessions to significantly improve their lives.  Sometimes additional sessions will help chronic disease and reduce or eliminate the need for some medications.

Is it expensive?

Not compared to the alternative.  Most insurance companies will pay for medical psychology services including biofeedback.  Research has shown that these services can significantly reduce the need for more expensive hospitalization, surgeries and other medical care.

Do I need a psychiatric diagnosis?

No. If you have a stress related disease, biofeedback and medical psychology counseling can be submitted to your insurance company as direct treatment of that medical condition.

It Sounds too good to be true.

Of course these services, like any health care, cannot guarantee success.  And they are not appropriate treatment for diseases that do not have stress as a cause or complication.

Most important, you still have the responsibility to use what you learn to modify your lifestyle.  But many people just like you are discovering that they can take charge of their health and their life and use these services to help lead a healthier, happier and more successful life.

Biofeedback May Help*:

◊ Anxiety

◊ Arthritis

◊ Asthma

◊ Attention Deficit Disorder

◊ Cancer and HIV, Effect on Immune

◊ Function

◊ Cerebral Palsy

◊ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

◊ Disease

◊ Chronic Pain

◊ Depressive Disorders

◊ Diabetes Mellitus

◊ Epilepsy

◊ Fecal Elimination Disorders

◊ Fibromyalgia

◊ Foot Ulcers

◊ Hand Dystonia

◊ Headache

◊ Hypertension

◊ Insomnia

◊ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

◊ Mechanical Ventilation

◊ Motion Sickness

◊ Myocardial Infarction

◊ Post Traumatic Stress disorder

◊ Raynaud’s Disease

◊ Repetitive Strain Injury

◊ Stroke

◊ Tinnitus

◊ Temporomandibular Disorders

◊ Traumatic Brain Injury

◊ Urinary Incontinence

◊ Vulvar Vestibulitis

*American Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Efficacy Report