Individuals, Couples, and Families

Dr. Rick Wycoff, licensed psychologistIndividuals

With nearly 40 years of clinical experience, chances are that I have successfully treated people with whatever concern you might have.   

I enjoy working collaboratively, where you and I will work together toward a positive and healthful outcome. 

The first two to three sessions are typically an assessment period during which I will complete an initial diagnostic interview with you, as well as any appropriate assessments.  This is followed by a treatment planning session, where I will recommend treatment options for your consideration and agreement. 

Treatment may be relatively intense for several weeks (e.g., once or twice weekly), tapering to less frequently, and finally graduating to occasional “tune ups.”


All of us could benefit from improving our people skills.  Nowhere is this more important than in our intimate relationships.

When couples present for counseling, I typically see both partners for the initial session.  I may then recommend separate sessions for each partner, followed by further joint sessions to work toward both partners’ vision of the relationship.


Helping people improve family relationships has been a major part of my work for many years.

When an individual is in distress, the entire family can be affected and may need support.  And in some cases, the family dynamic may interfere with the kind of positive and constructive environment most families strive to create.

I am skilled at facilitating family discussions so that every member feels “heard” and all can work toward resolution of the issues.