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Dr. Richard A. Wyckoff & Associates

Who Are We?

The major asset of your business is your people.  Whether you are a mom and pop shop or a large corporation, your success in today’s market depends upon how well you manage human behavior. If you believe that people problems are limiting your business performance, we can help.We are experts in human behavior in the work-place. Dr. Richard A. Wyckoff  is a psychologist and Linda  S. Wyckoff is an attorney. Together, they have over sixty years of experience helping business owners develop

Enhance your business performance

effective skills and strategies for dealing with people problems of all types. Their clients range from individuals to small businesses and major corporations.  Often, the largest problems can be resolved with simple behavior changes. The Wyckoffs will help you develop your understanding of people problems and your interpersonal skills to resolve them. Call them for a free initial telephone consultation to determine if their skills and experience can help you.

Typical Issues

While virtually any problem that involves changing human beahavior is within the scope of the practice, the most common reasons the Wyckoffs are consulted include:

◊ Staff Retention

Our people are our greatest assets

◊ Employee Surveys

◊ Staff Development

◊ Strategic Planning

◊ Performance Improvement

◊ Conflict Management

◊ Management Coaching

◊ Troubled Employees

◊ Work Related Stress


A small investment can make a big difference!

The value of any business investment is ultimately measured by the bottom line.  The

Wyckoffs have helped clients to improve profitability thousands of times greater than the cost of their services.  Ask them for references.  Their past clients are their best salespeople.

Scope of Services

◊ Assessment

◊ Surveys

◊ Strategic Solutions

◊ Interpersonal Skills Training

◊ Performance Management Training

◊ Management Coaching

◊ Employee Assistance Services

◊ Key Executive Wellness Audits

◊ Stress & Success Seminars

◊ Conflict Resolution