Richard A. Wyckoff, PhD

Appreciative Inquiry

As a licensed psychologist with nearly 40 years of experience, I find that my practice philosophy and style have evolved significantly to better serve my patients.

I have an eclectic style that flexes with my patients’ needs.  Primarily, however, I follow a positive, appreciative inquiry model that focuses less on analyzing the torments of the past and more on working toward constructive goals.

I work to address symptoms quickly and move toward helping you design your life to sustain high level wellness.

Achieving Wellness

I am interested in the neurobiology of wellness – how lifestyle affects the brain and vice versa.

Psychological symptoms are generally signals that our lifestyle is out of balance and not sustaining wellness. 

I will ask what satisfies and dissatisfies you in your life. Together we will take into account life stressors, nutrition, exercise and social environment to create a blueprint for designing your life.

My goal is to help you achieve true wellness, which is not simply the absence of symptoms; rather, it is the achievement of a high level of health and personal satisfaction.

Commitment To Change

Psychotherapy is not a passive experience in which I talk and you listen, nor is it the reverse where you talk and I listen.

It is more like a coaching relationship, where together we develop goals and strategies, and you accept accountability for the small changes that add up to a better life.

It requires a conscious commitment to change.

Complementary Medicine Strategies

My goal in treatment is generally a drug-free solution whenever that is possible.

I enjoy teaching you how to develop your skills to use your brain effectively and, when appropriate, how to develop a more effective brain through the miracle of neuroplasticity.

Accordingly, I frequently recommend complementary medicine strategies such as plant-based supplements, meditation and relaxation exercises, cranial electrotherapy stimulation or other interventions which you can read about in the My Practice section.